Why join Noble Forward?

Every student’s path is different.

Whether you’ve gone to college before or are starting your journey for the first time, Noble Forward recognizes that students are individuals with different life circumstances, motivations, and aspirations. That’s why the program is…

FLEXIBLE WHEN YOU NEED IT. The online, competency- and project-based program can be completed on your own time, so it fits more easily into a challenging work schedule or home life. You can be doing your coursework whenever it makes sense for you. It’s up to you, as long as you can fit in a total of ~50 hours a month of schoolwork (12-15 hours a week) and find a time once a week to meet with your coach.

PERSONAL AND SUPPORTED. You’ll be assigned an in-person coach who will act as your advisor throughout your program. Coaches have a small group of students they’ll support so you always have someone on-the-ground to turn to for help (whether that help is academic, logistical, professional, motivational, or general)!

DEMANDING WHERE IT MATTERS. We care about one thing, which is that you progress in your learning so that you graduate with your Bachelor’s degree. Even though the program is flexible, your coach will hold you accountable to the goals you set for yourself.

NEVER PUNITIVE. There are no traditional deadlines or grades. Because timing is flexible, you submit assignments when you are ready. A reviewer will determine whether you have demonstrated “mastery” in the topic or skill, or not. If you haven’t demonstrated “mastery”, you get feedback on how to improve and have multiple opportunities to re-submit. 

AFFORDABLE. Tuition and fees range from $2,000- $3,200 per term or from $6,000 to $6,400 per year. For many students, this amount will be covered by federal financial aid. We will work with you to navigate the cost of college